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The excellent properties of our copper rod with the best surface luster is highly appreciated by our domestic and overseas customers
OFHC commutator copper shaped rod and bus bar
The OFHC commutator copper shaped bar and copper trolley bar have passed the province-grade appraisal , it is a kind of the province-grade new products of high and new techniques, The main technical parameters of silver copper are equal to JB/T8987-1999 standard .The silver bearing copper alloy shaped bus bar's main technical parameters are better than the parameters of the copper alloy in Japan and Germany,its comprehensive function is up to the 1990s international standard and in leading place in China.
Chosing materials for the product is strict,its productive technology is advanced,its quality is checked at each level. The main raw material is No.1 electrolytic copper plate , according to the necessary per cent of silver, pure silver is put in to be smelted together to be the alloy of silver and copper.ln the manufacturing process,the method of two-layer cover deoxidation is used to free oxygen,just the right amount of rare-earth metal grain fine agent is put in and drawn up with the vacuum technique,and they are rolled to be great out of shape a few times,etc. Those new technologies are used to make the alloy line materials with every kind of specifications.There are some strong points in the product,as its oxygen content is lowest,its hardness is high,it's crystallized to be thick,its internal force is even, The silver bearing copper alloy mechanical strength is high and electric conductivity is better,its heat and corrosion resistance is good,but its price is only half of the same kind of product abroad.ln order to make its quality stable and reliable, and make users feel satisfied and relieved, We has founded an advanced material physical chemistry laboratory,the spectrometer absorbing light with atom and the system of computer working station .From the raw materials being chosen to the finished product being out of the factory,following each level,all the process are tested.

The OFHC silver bearing copper alloy has good function,its price is lowest . silver copper alloy's application is wide,it is a kind of ideal new metal material with high function for the High-New technique products,as high-grade miniature electrical machineries,microelectronics elements,aerospace etc.And it's ideal material for the universal products,as household appliances, auto motor fittings, electric tools etc

chemical composition ( % )
electric conduction reatIACS%
hardness of supplied
hardness in heat
Cu +Ag
>= 99.90
Note: Other impurity contents are according to GB 466 number one regulation of the copperof the first
OFHC silver bearing copper profiled bar
silver copper alloy shaped rod
OFHC silver bearing copper  alloy
silver copper alloy shaped bar
silver bearing copper shaped rod
commutator copper
Our commutator strips, profiles and wires offer higher softening temperature and improved creep properties.JCcopper offers various silver bearing copper grades that are based on oxygen-free copper. JCcopper's excellent material consistency is crucial for the fabricator who wants to improve the efficiency of his processes. Material is available cut to any length according to your requirement. We produce the oxygen-free silver bearing copper alloy shaped bar according to client requirement. Please send your drawing with chemical composition and physical parameters .Our price is the lowest . Other specifications and sizes are available upon request. Please contact us or e-mail Johnson@jccopper.com