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  JC copper material Company is a professional manufacturer in copper alloy material which possessed with convenient transportation.  
  Our focus and our direction is to become the most customer-friendly, low cost provider of high quality copper and copper alloy products while generating an above average return on investment for our owners.
  Oxygen-Free High Conductivity Copper is produced by the direct conversion of selected refined cathodes and castings under carefully controlled conditions to prevent any contamination of the pure oxygen-free metal during processing. The method of producing OFHC. Copper insures extra high grade of metal with a copper content of 99.9%. With so small a content of extraneous elements, the inherent properties of elemental copper are brought forth to a high degree. Characteristics are high ductility, high electrical and thermal conductivity, high impact strength, good creep resistance, ease of welding, and low volatility under high vacuum. JC copper is producers of precision, thin-wall copper tube for the air conditioning, heating, refrigeration and industrial markets. Products include both smooth wall and internally-enhanced tube.

  Our commutator strips, profiles and wires offer higher softening temperature and improved creep properties. The alloy used in commutators is typically silver bearing OF-copper. By alloying copper with silver the softening and creep properties of the material are improved substantially.JC copper offers various silver bearing copper grades that are based on oxygen-free copper. Jccopper's excellent material consistency is crucial for the fabricator who wants to improve the efficiency of his processes.Owning all sets of equipment from physical and chemical lab, smelting, drawing, hot treatment to eddy current units. With manufacturing and supply facilities. we can respond quickly according to your requirements. We always take keen interests in the development for the better performance of our products, you will have our permission of giving you the highest quality and personalized service. copper tube,fitting and copper rods workshop