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JC COPPER has cast and produced oxygen-free copper and oxygen-free copper based alloys for many years. We offer a wide variety of copper alloys including silver-bearing etc. Typical use for these items are lead frames, PIN connectors, trolley wire, and molds for plastic, steel, and non-ferrous. JC copper sales and produce copper product such as shaped bar, bus bar,silver copper profiles, bronze bearing bushing, bronze wear plate, tang type commutators segments, refrigerateing copper fitting, commutator copper profiled bar, brass rod ,OF silver copper shaped rods,slip ring, copper heat tube. Riser type commutators, Riser type with reinforced rings commutators, Riser type with I shape profiles commutators, Tang type commutators, Tang type with reinforced rings commutators, Shell type of multi-slide commutators, Shell type of skived commutatros, Planar type commutators,carbon commutators, copper commutators, etc. We can supply user specific alloys upon request.
Our Aluminium bronze alloy, Manganese brass alloy are used as following :
ELECTRICAL: switches, electrical components
FASTENERS: screw down nuts
INDUSTRIAL: bushings, high strength machine parts, hooks, frames, struts, gears, bridge pins, propellers, hydraulic cylinder parts, large valve stems, slow speed, heavy load bearings, gib, cams, hydraulic cylinder parts, forming dies for wood pulp industry, wear rings for forming dies for wood pulp industry
MARINE: marine hardware, clamps, covers for marine hardware, boat parts, rudders;


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