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carbon commutators for the automible fule pumps, lower temperature
 tang type copper commutators for household application and power tools such as the Granding machines ,Drilling machines ,Hammers, Circular saws , Jig saws ,Electrical planers 
Washing machines ,Vacuum machines ,Hairdryers ,Wax machines ,Mixer Blender
The excellent properties of our copper commutators with the competitive price is highly appreciated by our domestic and overseas customers
copper commutators
Brushless DC motors
BLDC has concentrate itself to develop and manufacture brushless DC motor, especially having mature technology and craft on micro brushless DC motor. BLDC has scientific management policy. BLDC has top engineers, strict inspection process, skilled workers, advanced equipments and sales experts.
Here is the general information of BLDC products below.
1. Outer diameter from 28mm to 145mm;
2. Voltage from 12VDC to 350VDC;
3. Power from 1W to 1, 500W
4. Speed from 100rpm to 40, 000rpm
5. With hall sensor and without
6. Internal controller and outer controller
BLDC has tight cooperation relation with Electrical Engineering Institute of Zhejiang University, especially on development and manufacturing of brushless DC motor driver which are supplied by factory belonged to Zhejiang University. BLDC has produced many special products for our customers, for example BLDC motor for atomizer, BLDC motor for textile machine, External rotor vehicle wheel motor, Automatic Poker dispensing motor, currency counting motor, motor matching to planetary gearbox, worm gearbox and normal reducer. Our brushles DC motors factory also produce customized AC motor, particularly to substitute foreign brand products.
bldc motors for electric chain saw
A brushless DC motor is a rotating electric machine with a classic three-phase stator like that of an induction motor. The rotor has surface-mounted permanent magnets. Polarity reversal is achieved by power transistors that switch in synch with the rotor position. Rectangular voltage strokes coupled with the given rotor position are what drive the brushless DC motor. The generated stator flux interacts with the rotor flux, which defines the torque and the motor's speed. We can develop new products upon the customer's special requirements. Please send your drawing with the specification details .Our price is the lowest . Other specifications and sizes are available upon request. Please contact us or e-mail johnson@jccopper.com