China copper strip C10200, C5191, C5120 for electronic communication unit, OFHC silver copper bar and copper rods for copper tang or riser type commutators segments, traction motor commutator, rotor bar, C15150, C18150, shell commutator and trolly wire , carbon commutators, brushless DC motors manufacturer
JC Copper Material CO.,LTD
copper strip C10200, C5191, C5210, silver bearing copper profile, segments, commutators
Our copper alloy factory make the copper strip C10200 (TU1 , TU2 , T2 ,TuY) , C5191 (QSn6.5-0.1), C5210 (QSn8.0-03) , C2680 (H65) , silver bearing copper profile, segments, commutators, wrought copper and copper alloys; C15150, C18150 rotor bar,electrical motor ring, drawn copper rods and copper bars;The extruded oxygen free (TU, T1) copper tube and copper alloys heat pipe; engine commutators, aluminium bronze,Chromium Zirconium copper rotor bar, copper rod and copper alloy bus bar are widely used in electricity, building and so on. We has cast and produced oxygen-free copper and oxygen free copper based alloys for many years. We offer a wide variety of copper alloys including silver-bearing copper alloy, tin bearing, AgCu, Cu-Zn, Cu-Fe, Cu-Sn , Cu-Ni, Cu-Zr, Cu-Cr, Cu-Ni-Si-Cr, and Cu-Mg. Typical use for these items are lead frames, PIN connectors,Albrozen bush, Chromium Zirconium copper engine ring, trolley wire,electric motors commutators ,aluminium bronze bush and rotor bar, commutators cage, commutators copper shell, Valeo copper commutators shell, commutators and molds for plastic, steel, and non-ferrous. We can supply user specific alloys upon request. JC copper sales and produce copper product such as pure copper strip , copper alloy strip C5191 C5120 C10700 , shaped bar, bus bar,silver copper profiles, tang type commutators segments, refrigerateing copper fitting, commutator copper profiled bar, brass rod ,Rotating Auto Electricals commutators parts ,OF silver copper shaped rods,slip ring, copper heat tube. Riser type commutators, Riser type with reinforced rings commutators, Riser type with I shape profiles commutators, Tang type commutators, Tang type with reinforced rings commutators, Shell type of multi-slide commutators, Shell type of skived commutatros, Planar type commutators,carbon commutators, copper commutators, etc. We supply high performance electric motor commutator and generator commutator suitably designed as per latest technology. These are noted for less power consumption. Our commutator is available at very reasonable prices.We not only make the commutators, but also the brushless motors, Welcome to our factory for visiting. If you are interested in our products, Please contact us or E-mail